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instrumentation for controlling radionuclides from mine tailings

MEASUREMENT OF RADIONUCLIDES IN PROCESSED MINE TAILINGS IN JOS, PLATEAU STATE W E Mangset and A T Sheyin Department of Physics, University of Jos Nigeria edaci2001@yahoo com ABSTRACT The Jos Plateau is situated in the central part of Northern Nigeria, on a rugged terrain of low lands at the edge of the Plateau surface Hyde, 1986

Uranium Study, these topics will inform Xinhaiia of appropriate air quality monitoring practices for uranium mines and mills 1 1 Procurement Summary On March 2, 2012, the Department of Environmental Quality issued the request for proposal RFP # 12-06-PJ Uranium Study The purpose of the procurement was to acquire contractor

A large mining operation in Mpumalanga realised that in order to maximise the benefits from reworking its tailings in a brand new processing plant, it would need to implement a high-tech control system to automate the sophisticated technology used to process the tailings

"the slimes" can lead to tailings which take a long time to dewater and consolidate and therefore to stabilise 7 During the extraction process 90 to 97 of the uranium is removed leaving essentially all the other radionuclides of the uranium decay chain in the tailings slurry

Mount Polley Mining Corporation Tailings Storage Facility 2011 Construction As-Built and Annual Review 30 March 2012 VM00560A A 1 Page ii \\bby-fs1\bby-ee-min\PROJECTS\VM00560A - Mt Polley 2012 Eng Services\Task 1 - Engineering Services Office\Task 1 1 - 2011 As-built Annual Review Report\VM00560 -

mine tailings recycling machine ZME Mining Equipment mine tailings recycling machine tailings for gold ore mining equipment tailings dewatering machinery vibration screen mining and mineral processing gold tailings dry stacking instrumentation for controlling radionuclides from mine tailings high efficiency tailings spent electrolyte

Component Radionuclides From the Biosphere­ Some Earth Science Perspectives By Edward Landa ABSTRACT U rani urn mining and milling is an expanding activ·ity in the Western United States Although the milling process yields a uranium concentrate, the large volume of tailings remaining centains about 85 percent of the

The AEDE values for the mine tailings and the control area were also calculated as shown in Table 3 They were found to be in the range 0 1 to 1 6 mSv y 1 with an average of 0 5 mSv y 1 and from 0 to 0 1 mSv y 1 with an average of 0 1 mSv y 1 for the mine tailings and the control area

Modelling of Radiological Health Risks from Gold Mine Tailings in Wonderfonteinspruit Catchment Area, South Africa radionuclides, mine tailings, radiation dose, cancer The results of the radiation doses for the gold mine tailings and control area presented in Table 3 and Table 4 were used by RESRAD-OFFSITE computer code to calculate

THE LONG TERM STABILIZATION OF URANIUM MILL TAILINGS IAEA, VIENNA, 2004 IAEA-TECDOC-1403 ISBN 920108904X The aim of the CRP on the long term stabilization of uranium mill tailings was to contribute to the Relationship of tailings piles to mine and mill facilities 11 2 4 Historical approaches to tailings placements

Tailings dam monitoring is an important component of overall surface mine management and control Keeping tabs on the stability of tailings dam walls and slopes, as well as the level and behavior of water, slimes, and other materials present in the dam is vital Due to their nature, tailings dams present a few challenges for example:

21 "Panel" means the tailings storage facility independent review panel created for each new or expanded tailings storage facility 1222 "Person" means any person, corporation, firm, association, partnership, or other legal entity engaged in exploration for or mining of minerals on or below the surface of the earth, reprocessing of

Regulation of environmental and health impacts in the rare earth element industry Rare Earth Element REE mining, processing and exploitation are large scale industries that use a wide range of chemical substances and generate significant quantities of waste

An Assessment of Radiological Hazards from Gold Mine Tailings in the Province of Gauteng in South Africa the results also show enhanced levels of 232 Th in the gold mine tailings compared to the control area Mine tailings three had the highest average activity concentration compared to the other tailings mainly because, in other tailings

The management of tailings and waste-rock The management of the residues generated at mining operations, and, of special concern in this document, the tailings and waste-rock, typically presents an undesired financial burden on operators Typically the mine and the mineral processing plant are designed to extract as much

The present report describes solubility of different radionuclides, especially Ra-226, from uranium mill tailings The solubility in water has been studied in both column and shake flask leaching tests The test material used came from a uranium deposit at Lilljuthatten in the Swedish province of Jamtland

Radionuclides are also released into the river system through the dewatering of the KerJ-McGee uranium mine located 1 mile north o£ the UNC mill Figure 1, During usual mining operations^ approximately 3^600 gallons per minuee are released info Ehe pipeline arroyo and subsequently to the Rio' Puerco, The con-

follows: As a consequence of the uraniferous nature of gold, the Witwatersrand tailings and other mining residues contain significantly elevated concentrations of uranium and its daughter radionuclides, with the decay series of 238 U being dominant, where uranium concentrations are expected to vary from

Appendix A Process Control Philosophy The source of this appendix is the Piñon Ridge Project Basic Engineering Report prepared by CH2M HILL Engineers, Inc , dated February 4, 2009 CH2M HILL 2009

Outotec Thickened tailings and Paste Solutions Sustainability through better tailings management Reclaim water and store your tailings in a safe modern way Outotec has the ultimate environmentally sound total solution Paste technology is a modern way to environmentally friendly handle and store tailings from various processes like mine

mining and milling were carried out between 1958 and 1961, and the mine site was reha-bilitated in the early 1990s The aim of this study was to examine the potential for further mobilization of radionuclides after remediation There are two primary sources of contami - nation at the site, the waste-rock pile and the tailings

A paraffin-based Froth Treatment PFT process produces a tailings stream that consists of fine solids, water, asphaltenes and trace amounts of bitumen and solvent A Tailings Solvent Recovery Unit TSRU is used to strip-off and recycle any residual solvent, prior to disposing the tailings in a storage pond

There is a broad range of TENORM concentrations in copper mining wastes Mining and extraction of copper by surface or underground methods can concentrate and expose radionuclides in the waste rock and tailings tailingsThe remaining portion of a metal-bearing ore after some or all of a metal, such as uranium, has been extracted Leaching and

Spain Los Frailes : On April 25, 1998, a tailings dam failure of the Los Frailes lead -zinc mine at Aznalc óllar near Seville, Spain, released 4 to 5 million m3 of toxic tailings slurries and liquid of toxic tailings slurries and liquid into nearby R ío Agrio , a tributary to R ío Guadiamar

General description of mineral processing and tailings storage All Drawing showing general arrangement of TSFs 1 2 2 2 2 The Tailings Storage Operating Plan The TSF operating plan is the most important part of the document and careful attention to the structure and content of this section is essential The minimum

At MDT, we manufacture a range of geotechnical monitoring instrumentation that is accurate, tough, simple to install, and can be easily integrated as part of an overall mine monitoring control system for example, Newtrax for underground mining applications or Loadsensing for surface mining applications

Uranium tailings are a waste byproduct of uranium mining In mining, raw uranium ore is brought to the surface and crushed into a fine sand The valuable uranium-bearing minerals are then removed via heap leaching with the use of acids or bases, and the remaining radioactive sludge, called "uranium tailings", is stored in huge impoundments

Measurement of Radiation Exposure Due to Natural Radionuclides in Gemstone Mining Areaa in Olode, Ibadan, SW Nigeria instrumentation connected to a PC-bas ed MCA processed mine tailings

Pathways analysis In the 1970s, the Elliot Lake Mining company expanded their operations due to the increased demand for uranium Much of the following information on radiation pathways analysis is taken from the Environmental Impact Assessment E I A reports undertaken on behalf of the mining Exposures from mining and mine tailings Table 2

2 Managing naturally occurring radioactive material NORM in mining and mineral processing the tailings from the mining and initial separation phase of the operation are of no radiolo- NORM in mining and mineral processing Guideline NORM 4 2 Controlling NORM management of radioactive waste

Tailings dams are structures built with earth, rockfill, tailings and even concrete, to store tailings from some industrial processes In the case of mining, these tailings result from the ore processing, which is when separation of the gross product into concentrate rich material, with economic value and tailings material without market

Cover system performance monitoring for tailings are we doing it correctly? volume of tailings to be deposited control measures to prevent seepage deposition method, etc but also how the facility will be rehabilitated, and when and instrumentation requirements for use in monitoring the performance of a tailings waste cover system

Tailings and mine waste dumps produced during mining and milling are the including radionuclides, heavy metals and arsenic, into surface water and groundwater The importance of effluent control and treatment during decommissioning and rehabilitation is demonstrated at a site near Dresden, Saxony, Germany, where uranium was

Bioavailabilities of radionuclides and non-radiological contaminants in sediment containing uranium mill tailings David A Klessa Office of the Supervising Scientist, Environment Australia, PO Box 461, Darwin, Northern Territory 0801, Australia Abstract: A study was undertaken to investigate contaminant bioavailability in sediment following

A paraffin-based Froth Treatment PFT process produces a tailings stream that consists of fine solids, water, asphaltenes and trace amounts of bitumen and solvent A Tailings Solvent Recovery Unit TSRU is used to strip-off and recycle any residual solvent, prior to disposing the tailings in a storage pond

assess the level of naturally occurring radionuclides in mine wastewater and tailings sludge discharged to the environment from a copper mine where by-product uranium was mined and processed between 1957 and 1960 The results of this ongoing survey indicate that the radioactivity content of mine wastewater and

implementation and routine maintenance of appropriate control measures CONCLUSION 2 Assuming that the proposed barriers and covers are not implemented as recommended in this health consultation, exposure to radionuclides in the tailings materials for a longer period than three years e g , 4 years could potentially harm

The aim of this study was to evaluate the human risk associated with exposure to NORMs in soils from mine tailings around a gold mine A broad-energy germanium detector was used to measure activity concentrations of these NORMs in 66 soil samples 56 from five mine tailings and 10 from the control area

Modeling of an Optimized Multilayer Cover Design for a Uranium Mill Tailings Disposal - 11607 stabilization and control of the tailings in order to minimize or eliminate radiation health hazards to the percolating into the interior of the old mine and the nearby mill tailings This water is mainly sulfuric acid

public radiation exposure after a dam break at a uranium mill tailings pond* Investigations of accidents su:h as this also provide insight into the effects of chronic exposure to industry-related releases of radionuclides-Early on the morning of July 16, 1979, a breach occurred in the earthen retainii^g dam of a tailings pond of the United

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